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Craft Distilling


Field to Flask – Fundamentals of Small Batch Distilling

There is a craft distilling revolution unfolding around the globe. The corporate executives at the big commercial distillers with their portfolios of popular distilled spirit brand names are starting to talk in hushed tones around boardroom tables. They can feel the ground shifting under their feet. They are getting nervous.
From a tiny speck on the horizon 10 years ago, the craft distilling scene has exploded to include over 700 small batch distillers in the United States, nearly 100 in the UK and nearly 70 in Canada. The momentum driving this movement shows no sign of easing.

Are you thinking about opening a small craft distillery? Are you are interested in getting involved in supplying equipment or raw materials to the craft distillery movement? Maybe you just want to become a better home distiller. Whatever your interest, whether you are from Canada, the UK or the USA, this book is for you.

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The Recipe – Reviving the Lost Art of Home Distilling

People once scoffed at the moonshine that Grandpa used to make out behind the barn. This ridicule has now come full circle. People are now interested in reviving the lost art of home distillation. What exactly was Grandpa making all those years ago? Can we make it today?
This book has been written for all those intrepid souls out there who want to revive the lost art of home distillation. Those hardy adventurers who want to make a batch of Whisky or Gin in their garages, she-sheds and man-caves on a Saturday morning. Just like Grandpa.

Technically, home distilling is illegal in Canada and the USA. As you contemplate going down the path of home distillation, I ask that you remain aware of this at all times. The winds of change are, however, starting to blow. Government rigidity towards home distilling is starting to ease. Social norms are being re-defined thanks to television shows like Moonshiners and due to small businesses that are manufacturing and selling the equipment necessary to do home distilling. But, don’t push the envelope. If you take up home distilling, keep your hobby to yourself and to those people close to you. Do not be selling your product to strangers or giving it away to the neighbors on your street. Let the winds of change continue to blow. If we are all sensible and act responsibly towards home distilling, the winds of change will work in our favor.

As you turn the pages of this book, you will be taken on a brief journey through the history of alcohol. You will be provided with detailed information on raw materials, yeast, water, cleaning, fermenting and oak aging. You will learn about the science of distillation and the essential equipment required to successfully home distill. Lastly, you will be provided with some recipes and procedures that will provide you with a firm footing to launch your new hobby of “Reviving the Lost Art of Home Distillation”.

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