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Malcolm Bucholtz

Malcolm Bucholtz is a graduate of Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering in Canada and Heriot Watt University in Scotland where he received an MBA degree.

After working in Canadian industry for far too many years, Malcolm followed his passion for the financial markets in 2002 and became an Investment Advisor/Commodity Trading Advisor with an independent brokerage firm in western Canada.

Today, he resides in western Canada where he trades the financial markets using technical chart analysis, esoteric mathematics and astrological principles.

In March 2013, Malcolm released his first book, The Bull, the Bear and the Planets. This book is designed to introduce the reader to financial astrology and to advance the notion that there is more to the markets than what we think. In July 2013, he released his second book, The Lost Science, which takes the reader on a journey into esoteric math, planetary transit lines and synodic cycles.

As an ongoing resource for those who follow financial astrology, Malcolm authors an annual Financial Astrology Almanac.

In addition, Malcolm also produces the Astrology e-Alert, a paid-for subscription service which alerts traders and investors of coming astrological occurrences that stand to influence the markets.

Malcolm also maintains a website (www.investingsuccess.ca) where he provides traders and investors with regular astrological insights into the financial markets.