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On Writing


Somehow over the past fifteen years, I have muddled my way into three models that affect author success.
The Author Personality is a model of four questions, that once answered, can help an author move forward with minimum stress to complete his or her manuscript.
The Milking Stool model is a play on the antique milking stool I have in my living room. Today, it is only used as a surface to stack books and hold tea cups, but once upon a time it was doing its namesake work at my husband’s grandfather’s dairy farm. The Milking Stool triangle of legs explains the three essential roles and their accompanying tasks that must be completed to take an author down the writing path to victory.
The third model, the Book Project Model is a step-by-step process that an author can follow to ensure success in launching their book to the world. The steps include: obsess, clarify, research, chunk or outline, write, market edit, produce, market, repurpose and reposition.
When I was struggling with completing my graduate school thesis, a colleague puzzled me with the question: what is the best kind of thesis? The answer: a finished one. My hope for this book is that it will help you, the non-fiction author, to have the best kind of book: a finished one.
Together, the three models within will assist you to imagine and create a great book, while saving time, money and stress.

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